The Insignificant Truth

A simple question, a simple statement…a complex answer..

Human nature in itself is one of the most profound and mysterious intangible forms of science that is dismissed in it’s entirety to be categorized as an “art” is thought-provoking, sensational, inspiring, dark, motivational, emotional and ultimately, the driving essence behind every movement of our muscles and behaviors.
Yet, this dynamic essence, forever changing, can never be pinpointed or be defined…it may sometimes be rhetorically as an excuse, but never stated as a specific form. I wrote an article once that included this allegorical excerpt which might possibly come close to an analogical make-up of what “human nature” would be like :
“Just like the universe is filled with atoms, so are our dearest moments. And just like the universe, my dynamic memories, ideas, identity and cultural background have formed and stabilized to be the atoms of my existence.”
Atoms of our existence…the closest definiton of seamlessly moving forms of matter.. dissipating our past, forming our present and shaping our future. An indefinite and untouchable force that can only be understood by the powers of the mind and the logic behind our irrational thinking.
I used to believe that our beliefs are unwavering, our willpower is stable, that we do have the courage of staying in a straight boulders or ice-bergs in a deep and frigid ocean. However, my naivete retreated to the abyss when I understood that as part of life’s experiences, we have to undergo the good and the bad, that our beliefs do change enormously and most importantly ..we become that which we initially feared.
Perhaps we choose to be different to experience and understand those individuals that we always have questioned..or maybe to purposely test our character and our extremes as citizens of the world. Whatever it may be is not in question, but the significance of exploration as the quote portrayed is highly crucial in understanding the topic of human nature and the importance of living a fruitful life. For those people who live as “stepford wives”, I can honestly say you have been the puppets while deception and boredom have been the life staticlly without inquiry, wonder and interaction a life without meaning. The fruition to success lies within the mistakes and failures we overcome, the regrets we carry, the guilt we feel and the pain that we bear..without the bad, we’ll never acknowledge the good ..and without the experiences, we’ll never understand our reality .

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