Inspire and Inquire ..

Our eyes have been blinded by our own creations. Man-made artificial wonders are being met with awe and amazement like never before. Our selfish nature and egotistical ways have made us immodest. We no longer enjoy or truly see the miracles of what has surrounded us for thousands of years (our environment, our brains and our creations).

We have come to praise what we have created rather than what already has. Static ignorance will be our downfall. Whenever I ponder on our image as human beings, or ponder on our own existence, I seem to sidestep from my self and view everything as if I was a different species. The thoughts scare me as much as they entertain and tickle my curiosity.

I yearn for the days where books had value, where the library of Alexandria and Ancient Greece were considered mans greatest achievements, and how knowledge was the core of men’s nature. The thirst for education and wisdom brought men closer and civilizations into one.

Would it be possible, or is there some grain of truth to the displacement of the human soul? Can this yearning be so very different from human reasoning and curiosity that it signals to an unknown truth?

In order to understand the minds unused functions and to better conceive the mysteries of life, one must break free of common daily habits, be open to everything that seems impossible and convince the self that it is capable of accomplishing any though it desires. That’s why all of humankind’s greatest thinkers and educated minds were thought of as mad lunatics. It’s because what seems impossible, after a while becomes reality, and only then do others understand (when the miracle has already passed to be a norm). Therefore, when the impossible becomes possible, and the general public accepts it as truth, it only becomes a ting of the past and it would lose it’s magic.

Why did we create words when we can sing?



2 Comments on “Inspire and Inquire ..”

  1. Cauldrons and Cupcakes June 6, 2012 at 8:10 pm #

    Love this post! Do you meditate? I have found that to be one of my best tools for exploring the realms of the heart and mind. Bless xx

    • atomsofmyexistence June 6, 2012 at 8:42 pm #

      Thank you !
      I usually turn inwards, listen, imagine and explore.. my own meditation in a way. However, I haven’t had proper training as of yet ! I would love to do it though 🙂 xx

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