The Happy Mind, The Grieving Heart..

Happy Mind

Philosophy of both the mind and the heart, and their separate poetic meanings have not been profoundly discussed due to our inherent bias to choose one or the other when speaking in terms of love, business, pleasure, or work..

Why do we portray the heart as a representation of love, when the mind is capable of falling as well ? Why do we portray the mind as a representation of logic when the heart is capable of doing the same? How and what compels us to commercialize our organs in the inception to represent intangible meanings that could reside only in our consciousness?

Grieving Heart

Falsified words/images: Heart-broken, Heart2Heart, I love/despise you with all my heart, piece of my mind, mind-freeze, mind your business, heart-breaker, remind, mastermind

All these words bear meaning to the different organs which represents our emotions and state of self, however, we have categorized our own dogmas and personality traits through certain terminology which is based on false beliefs. The mind and heart equally churn and pump in unison physically, but act independently in spirit.


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